The concept for the  W Y L D I N G  suit was initially conceived of and designed for discrete, quick and easy changing for cold water adventurers wanting minimal kit. For "Blue Health" seekers the suit should be worn with only swimwear underneath, then peeled off on entering the water. On getting out of the water remove your wet swimmers, gently towel off, slip into your undies and let the fast wicking, thermal fleece evaporate any residual water off your body. Your body naturally creates heat, even if you're doing nothing, and the technical fleece lining will insulate this heat to keep you warm.

Although initially designed with post swim ease and warmth in mind the W Y L D I N G  suit's versatility lends itself to camping trips, SUP, post surf, chilly beach days, dog walks, sailing, gardening, open air yoga and for any outdoor spectator sports, festival or outdoor social event you can think of. The suit offers a stylish and warm alternative to layering up and is the ultimate outerwear one piece.